About Me

I was born in in the south of Western Australia, in the coastal town of Albany, my parents both primary school teachers. I began reaching towards the piano keys around the age of 2, and showed an obvious interest in music generally. However it wasn’t until I was around 5 years of age that I began formal lessons at the piano.

My first teacher was Jan Clifton, and I studied a classical method under her until well into my teenage years, progressing through the A.M.E.B. syllabus to diploma level. I also had some of my first students under her guidance.

During my teenage years I also received lessons from a variety of great teachers including Graham Wood (Former head of jazz at WAAPA – the West Australian equivalent of the VCA) and Will Upson (Order of Australia, Services to Music Industry). As well as furthering my piano studies I became proficient on the guitar and drums, and began to gain experience as an accompanist and ensemble performer. It was during this time that I expanded my musical studies and began playing music outside my classical teachings. I spent time learning from great teachers and performers such as Dane Alderson and Matt Jodrell (James Morrison Scholarship winners) as well as Lez Karski (Producer – Midnight Oil), plus many others.

As a performer I worked as the resident pianist in the Esplanade Hotel, Albany, as well as becoming involved in a variety of bands and ensembles performing in genres ranging from classical and jazz to pop, rock and folk. During this time I was also involved in several recording projects, including the album “Burning” by Simone Keane, several songs from this album went on to win WAMI awards after it was released in 2010.

I began teaching piano at 16 years of age (I’m now 23) after I receiving many requests for lessons at performances. I soon found that I enjoyed teaching a great deal, even as much or more than I did playing and performing. This is not something that has changed since I began. I still enjoy teaching music more than anything and continually strive to improve and help my students overcome their difficulties whilst having fun with the piano.